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Magic Monday: ill-esha – Ghostwriter (Free Download)

ill-esha from Denver just released a new track called Ghostwriter. It is part of the lastet Hebinomichi compilation and continues the collective’s futuristic sound that always seems to have been infused with a dose of the far east.

ill-esha is an artist, songwriter, DJ and producer. “Everything I do in my life, it quickly becomes way more than a hobby”, she is quoted in her bio which can be found on her homepage. She has released three albums since 2008, you can check out her latest one called Open Heart Surgery here (and pay what you like).

Woman of many talents: ill-esha

Woman of many talents: ill-esha

Ghostwriter is part of Hebinomichi’s latest compilation Vol. 3. You can check out the entire EP below, but first, some more ill-esha. This is called Brave and features Hebinomichi’s founder StéLouse. We’re pretty sure the vocals were sung by ill-esha herself.

And here, as promised, the Hebinomichi Vol. 3 EP. It features a nice selection of sweet music by intriguing artists – just what Hebinomichi seems to be all about.


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That new Hebinomichi sampler is out now!

That new Hebinomichi EP is out now!

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