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Love music: Hitmane – Trapped IRL EP (Audio)

Dutch producer Hitmane dropped his debut EP titled Trapped IRL. It turned out to be a very melodic production that starts spreading good vibes the moment you hit play. And believe it or not: the entire EP comes as a free gift. Thanks for this, Mane!

“I’m very stoked to share with u my debut EP Trapped IRL. I’ve been working on these songs for a while and am very excited for u to finally hear them”, says Hitmane. The EP is the first release on Prime Ordeal, the brand new label founded by Blackbird Blackbird and Avidd.

Hitmane just dropped his debut EP Trapped IRL

Hitmane just dropped his debut EP Trapped IRL

If you head over to you will find that all of the songs on Trapped IRL are accompanied by some flamboyant artwork, for which Molly Soda, Terrell Davis and David Marinos are to be thanked. You can download this piece of beauty here or set your own price and buy it here.

Hitmane is an avid remixer too. Check out his latest for Ariana Grande’s One Last Time below.

If you want to spend some more time with the talent from Holland, check out the guest mix he made for All Mine LA. We almost feel bad for accepting so much great work for free.

Follow Hitmane on:

Soundcloud: @hitmanecares
Twitter: @hitmanecares

Written By: ggottfried