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Henrik the Artist

Love art: Henrik the Artist – Perfect Workout (Audio)

Henrik the Artist is one jolly good fellow. Listening to his tracks feels like climbing trees with your best friend – hands and feet dirty with a bright smile on your faces. His new tune Perfect Workout, released via Activia Benz, shows you that this producer just wants to play.

“How good can you do the things that are bad? How much can you love what you hate? How sad can you be and still show people that you are happy?”, asks Henrik the Artist on his Soundcloud page? The guy – is it even a guy? – ist quite the poet. He values friendship and art very much and wants us to “remember that it is always alright to show people who you are and what you stand for in your life because you are the best at being you!”

No one can resist the charm of a true artist

No one can resist the charm of people being truly themselves

What a nice thing to say. And how refreshing to see somebody shed all cockiness and show that all he cares about is touching people with his playful and melodic style of producing. Listen to his recent “constellation of art” he created for Turban a show on Radio Wave.

Says the artist himself:

you are perfect
no matter

you are

you are

you are

you are

you are you
yours forever
henrik the artist

Written By: ggottfried