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Lost And Found: Vindata – Through Time And Space… EP (Audio)

Vindata‘s Through Time And Space… EP is the most beautiful work we’ve heard in some time. It was released on OWSLA three weeks ago and we almost missed it.

Vindata consists of LA producers Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress. According to their own words, Through Time And Space… is “a 6 track journey through different perceptions of different realities. The result is a cohesive body of energetic yet lush textures, polyrhythmic percussion, and soulful vocals”.

Agreed! Every track on Through Time And Space… feels truly unique, yet they all share two elements: sweet melodies and human vocals.

Vindata have created a very impressive EP

Vindata have created a very impressive EP

If you’re hooked like us, and want to explore Vindata some more, we suggest you continue with their remix EP below. In an interview with the Nest HQ they revealed, amongst other things, on what kind of music they grew up.

For Branden it was “mostly 90s R&B, Gospel, and Hip Hop (…). Anything from Jodeci and Mary J. Blige to Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond to Jay-Z and A Tribe Called Quest”. Jared “listened to Daft Punk and Tiesto back in the day, but didn’t really get into the more obscure electronic music until later”.

Not only do Vindata display great production skills, they also have good musical taste (both thing probably go hand in hand), as can be heard in their various mixes. Thankfully, the duo has compiled a couple of them in a playlist, so we just need to copy and paste a line of code to share even more amazing music with you. What a great blessing the digital age has been, huh?

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Written By: ggottfried