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Litlbird – Pupa (Audio)

A little bird told us about this monster, and we wanted to share it with you. It’s called Pupa. This complex bass construct, which turns into an epic symphony about a minute in, is part of Litlbird‘s new Exoskeleton EP, which is out now on Wormhole Music. You can listen to it after the jump.

It’s always nice to hear artists paying such a great attention to detail as Litlbird has obviously invested in this EP.

Out now

Out now

Wormhole Music describes it  as “delightfully dark (…) featuring some of this fresh young producer’s finest work to date. Graduating from Larva to Pupa and all the way through Chrysalis, Litlbird seamlessly blurs a distinction between soaring eagle and blissful butterfly with tunes that are melodically profound while still managing to be altogether gritty and grotesque simultaneously.”

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Written By: ggottfried