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Red Bull Thre3style Championship 2015 Finalists (Picture: Red Bull)

Kick off: Red Bull Thre3style finals are underway

The Red Bull Thre3style Championship 2015 is on. Over the coming days, this year’s finalists will be gearing up in Tokyo for the grand final on Saturday.

Every day up until September 19th, the DJs will be turning loose on their machines to get into the spirit of the most prestigious of all DJ battles. Check out the line-up at the bottom.

Our man Eskei83 is pretty sad not to be able to go toe-to-toe with his fellow masters of the craft. That’s the burden of being last year’s champion. “This is my third Thre3style world finals, but the first one I’m not battling in. The parties haven’t even started yet, but I wish I was taking part. I wonder what I’d have to do to get the wildcard spot on Sunday? It’s not just about defending my title either, it just feel so good to be here I just want to enter the competition again”, he told Red Bull in an interview.

He found solace by crafting a neat Thre3style warm-up mix which we will not withhold from you. He’ll also be turning up as special guest on the day of the finals.

Eskei83 – DJcity DE Podcast – 01/09/15 by Djcity De on Mixcloud

Dan Gerous will step up to keep the title in Germany for one more year. “Since im not the technical wizard, I’ll bank on a unique selection, many surprises and a great show. I plan on producing a lot of proper edits and bootlegs to score in Tokyo”, he told us back in May.

Dan Gerous (Source:

In perfect shape for the Thre3style finals: Monsieur Dangereux

Other very interesting entries include Carlo Atendido from the Philippines, who went from being considered a underdog to securing the third place last year. “I spent ten months conceptualizing and making my routine, I was practicing for five hours a day – I needed to keep my skills sharp”, he told Red Bull.

Then there’s DJ Ride who competed with more than 50 other DJs for the Lucky Bastid slot and came out on top. It marks the first time Portugal is represented in a Thre3style final. “I can’t express how happy I am, it’s such a honor to represent my country, visit Japan for the first time and meet some of my idols and heroes, like D-styles, Skratch Bastid [who choses the Lucky Bastid winner, obviously], Craze and Kentaro just to name a few”, Ride told Red Bull. Check out his Lucky Bastid winning set below.

What else is there to look forward to? How about the return of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz. You’ve heard right: QBert, Shortkut and D-Styles reunite after a 20 year break. And they’re back with a new LP which they’ll premier live on the day of the finals. Check out part one of the short movie documenting the origination process of that new ISP LP below and head here for the rest of the three part mini series.

DJ Line up for the Red Bull Thre3style Championship 2015:


Chile: DJ Byte

Brazil: Cinara

USA: J Espinosa


Albania: Kut Real

Azerbaijan: N.E.Z

Canada: Charley Hustle

Latvia: DJ Aspirins


The Philippines: Carlo Atendido

Poland: DJ VaZee

Switzerland: DJ Wizz

Japan: B=Ball


Kosovo: DJ 69

Taiwan: DJ D!n D!n

Korea: DJ Tez

Germany: Dan Gerous


Taiwan: Mr. Skin

Thailand: Bomber Selecta

Portugal: DJ Ride (Lucky Bastid winner)

Crispy Crust's very own Eskei83 is going to turn up at the finals – not as competition though

Crispy Crust’s very own Eskei83 is going to turn up at the finals – not as competition though


Title shot: Red Bull

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