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Crispy Crust Records/Audio /Julian Calor x Reaubeau – Lost In Nightlife (Dyro Edit)



Julian Calor x Reaubeau – Lost In Nightlife (Dyro Edit)

As our start-of-the-week treat, we give you Dyro. We’ll start with this insane edit of Lost In Nightlife by Julian Calor and Reaubeau. There’s more after the jump.

Dyro added his own flavor to Lost In Nightlife

Dyro added his own flavor to Lost In Nightlife.

The next tune, called Good Feeling, will hopefully give you exactly that.

And another one, just becaue this guy is so insanely talented, he needs to be out there.

Dyro released his Lost In Nightlife edit on Wolv Records. Since it seems appropriate at this stage, here’s a label sampler for you to enjoy. It’s the weekend, after all, the perfect occasion to listen to it.

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Written By: ggottfried