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Hooké Presents – Smalltown DJs Camping Mix Vol. 2 (Audio)

Here’s some balm for your bass-plagued soul, some comfort for ringing ears, a nice break from hard hitting club bangers: Smalltown DJs Camping Mix Vol. 2.

This is music to go fishing and camping to. “We reside in the Canadian mountains, and when we aren’t in the club we love to get outside in amongst these mountains and trees and lakes and animals,” writes the duo.

“The Camping Mix is a soundtrack to these adventures. There are old classics and new classics and rare gems on there. So wipe your slate clean, get your mind to the Rockies.”

Chirp, chirp

Chirp, chirp

Here’s Vol. 1 of this beautiful Camping Mix. Let’s hope, Smalltown DJs make a tradition of it and turn this into a never-ending series.

The mixtapes are presented by Hooké, which describes itself as “a crew of artists, photographers, filmmakers, and writers who are passionate about creating a fly fishing community, experiencing epic journeys, and giving a voice to those we meet along the way.”

Follow Smalltown DJs:
Soundcloud: @smalltowndjs
Twitter: @smalltownpete
Instagram: @smalltowndjs

Follow Hooké:
Instagram: @hookeqc

Nature boys

Nature boys

Written By: ggottfried