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graves – Heretic (Audio)

Hawaiian producer and DJ, graves, just dropped a massive bomb, called Heretic. Because saying this tune wasn’t the truth is plain heresy. And there’s another beauty waiting for you after the jump.

Heretic premiered on Nest HQ. It comes as a free download, but you can also spend your hard-earned cash on it here. Maybe you want to listen to his collab with Coolights first to ensure yourself that this man’s worth every penny.

That's him: graves.

That’s him right there.

And just because it’s so nice right now, here’s a fabolous rendition of (Ain’t) No Sunshine. Thanks brother for all of this lovely music.


Follow graves:
Soundcloud: @wearegraves
Twitter: @wearegraves
Instagram: @wearegraves

Written By: ggottfried