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Glacci – Lifeforce LP

What a debut people! Our minds are utterly blow by Glacci‘s very first LP, dubbed Lifeforce. And we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

“After so much work, super happy and excited to finally announce my first debut record. Been working since 2016 through intense times, good and bad to create this record, so it was something I wanted to take extra time and care with,” Glacci writes on Facebook.

“Special thanks to my friends who contributed and the man Plastician for believing and supporting the vision.”

Lifeforce, desinged by Rachel Noble

Lifeforce, desinged by Rachel Noble


1. Apathy
2. Death Dealer
3. Her in Stasis (feat. Lapsung)
4. Naluri
5. Celadon Fire
6. Mirror Cluster
7. Lust Pattern
8. Spirals (feat. Kareful)
9. Wheelspin
10. Viridian (feat. Deon Custom)
11. Lifeforce

Lifeforce was released on Terrorythm this week. You can grab this wavey masterpiece here. The cover art was created by Rachel Noble.

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Soundcloud: @glacci
Twitter: @Glacci_

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Soundcloud: @terrorhythm
Twitter: @terrorhythm

Title shot by Tom Comery.


Written By: ggottfried