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Get ready: Elènne drops The Princess on CCR on Friday

We’re approaching the festive part of the year, which is why it feels only right to give you more good music to enjoy over the holidays. Friday, December 18, marks the release of Elènne‘s latest banger. It goes by the name of The Princess and can be pre-ordered after the jump.

Make no mistake about this Princess though. It’s not her who needs to be kissed awake. It’s far more likely that she is going to be the one to slap you out of your doze.

>>Pre-order The Princess by Elènne here<<

Whenever one of the highly producers out there choose Crispy Crust Records to distribute their work to the world, we feel very grateful. Elènne is no exception. If you’ve been with us from the start, you’ll know that we’ve featured this talent from Stuttgart more than once.

The song above, Puppeteer feat. Seth Somni, is one of the many pieces produced by Elènne that will captivate its listeners by its insanely melodic and intensely funky soundscape. Just like the tune below, called King of Thebes, one of our favorite tunes of all time.

We hope this little sample will ease the wait till Friday. Just be aware that on The Princess, Elènne is going to show us his merciless side. So enjoy the sweetness of his previous work as long as you can.

>>Pre-order The Princess by Elènne here<<

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