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Ekali, picture by: Brandon Artis Photography

Gallant – Weight In Gold (Ekali Remix)

Vibe to this ladies and gentlemen. Ekali turned Gallant’s Weight In Gold into a futuristic sound empire. Whatch the video for the equally brilliant original after the jump.

Ekali‘s flip is one of seven official selections that made it onto the Weight In Gold remix EP, which you can grab here. Here’s the video as promised:

Ekali is going on Europe tour, in case you want to check him out. We posted the dates below. He even released a mini mix in view of the occasion:

Ekali is coming to Europe (Picture: Brandon Artis Photography)

Ekali is coming to Europe (Picture: Brandon Artis Photography)

Ekali Europe tour dates:

Aug 06 Razzmatazz Barcelona, Spain Tickets
Aug 09 Hammamet Tunis, Tunisia Tickets
Aug 12 Nuits Fauves Paris, France Tickets
Aug 13 Positiv Marseille, France Tickets
Aug 17 Pickle Factory London, United Kingdom Tickets
Aug 19 A38 Budapest, Hungary Tickets
Aug 20 Docksville Hamburg, Germany Tickets
Aug 26 Gretchen Berlin, Germany Tickets
Aug 27 Schaf Augsburg, Germany Tickets

Follow Ekali:
Soundcloud: @ekalimusic
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Follow Gallant:
Twitter: @sogallant
Soundcloud: @gallant
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Title shot by: Brandon Artis Photography

Written By: ggottfried