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Funky Summer: Elènne – Melt (Audio)

Elènne has just released what the producer himself describes as a “funky summer track”. It is called Melt. As usual, we’re blown away by Elènne‘s elaborate production: fancy melodies, chopped up samples and – you guessed it – a lot of funk.

Says Elènne about Melt: “The special thing about it is that I didn’t try to mix it down as clean as possible but rather kept it a bit gritty. My usual approach is to find the most sterile material and spend days on tiny surgical adjustments – this time it was really hot outside and I said fuck it.”

Last time we featured the producer from Stuttgart here was after the release of King of Thebes. Since then, he has released another smooth as silk tune called Burning Bridges. Elènne has an ability to create a lush, organic sound no matter which instrument he chooses.

If you’re equally stunned by his work as we are, you might want to check out his new blog which he set up specifically to tackle a lot of questions from fellow music producers and artists about how he goes about his craft. “I created an account on to write articles on a monthly basis covering topics such as procrastination, helpful mindsets, inspiration etc.”, Elènne explains. You can read his first post here. He adds that “if you’re producing music yourself feel free to ask for topics or issues you want me to address. I’m sure you can get something out of it even if you’re not a musician.”

This is how Elènne could be pronounced. But the producer himself doesn't really care that much.

This is how Elènne could be pronounced. But the producer himself doesn’t really care that much.

So far Elènne has released the vast majority of his material for free. He even compiled a dropbox folder for us to download all the freebies from. You’ll find it here.

Lastly, if you’ve always asked yourself how on earth to pronounce Elènne, here’s the answer in form of a seductive sound bite. Tough Elènne reassures us that “there’s actually no right way to say it”. So if your French is a bit rusty, don’t feel ashamed. Just yell out the name as you see fit.

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