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Flume – Wall Fuck (Melvv Flip) (Audio)

Melvv flips Flume’s Wall Fuck and turns it into a very pleasant headbanger.

Whereas Flume‘s original was somewhat trippy and quite experimental, Melvv‘s version is much more straight forward. There are pros and cons to each approach, you’ll just have to make up your mind. Here’s the original.

Wall Fuck is part of Flume‘s current album Skin, which you can grab here. Here’s another taste: Lose it feat. Vic Mensa.

Back to Melvv. He recently made this remix for Alison Wonderland’s Awe. And that’s exactly what we’re in after discovering this young lads uplifting use of lush synths. Check it out for yourself.

As usual, we like to judge producers by their original stuff. So far, we could only find this very cosy example, aptly titled Vibe. Let’s show this young’n some love by spending some cash on it here, to ensure he can keep on making wonderful music forever.

Melvv in action

Melvv in action

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Written By: ggottfried