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Ekali & ZHU – Blame (Audio)

We’ve featured both Ekali and ZHU several times on this blog. The reason is, of course, simple: both create bloody great music. And here they are, united on one track that will blow your mind.

The tune is calle Blame, and I’m pretty sure both artists are happy to take the blame for it. Both men are proof that what is already good on its own can only become better together. The track was released on OWSLA and can be downloaded here.

Get Blame here.

Get Blame here.

Here’s some more Ekali, Past Life feat. Opia. This dude…man.

And here’s some more ZHU, who happenes to have released an entire EP just a couple of months ago. It is called stardustexhalemarrakechdreams and it is awesome.

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Written By: ggottfried