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Drunken Masters & Karol Tip @ Splash! Festival

In case you couldn’t make it to Gräfenhainichen this weekend – or simply misspelled the place on your sat nav and ended up somewhere completely different – here are some impressions of Drunken Masters and Karol Tip at the 20th anniversary of Splash! Festival, courtesy of Max Patzig.

As usual, the Drunkies shaved the entire place. Where there once was forest there is now nothing but scorched earth. Just kidding. Neither animals nor plants got hurt during their set.

Same goes for the mighty Karol Tip, who seems to be non-stop touring these days.

Hopefully, these images will serve as a reminder that you shouldn’t miss out when the CCR Crew are taking over. Mr Crispy would be happy to meet and greet.

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Written By: ggottfried