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Producer & DJ treat: Zenhiser’s Symmetry Hybrid Trap Stem Collection

Here’s a little something for all the producers and DJs out there, at least of you’re into hybrid trap: a full-fledged stem collection called Symmetry.

Symmetry blows the doors wide open for Hybrid Trap with a collection of speaker shattering, thought altering Trap samples, stems, melodies and complex drops. Instantly add depth, power and devilishly good hooks to your tracks utilising this stellar selection of Trap stems. We are proud to say this is one of the most influential Trap stem packs ever released,” it says on Zenhiser’s website.


The sample and sound experts call it a “goldmine for any trap producer.” You can stream a preview of what’s possible with the pack on the website.

The samples and loops – basslines, beats, instruments, fx, full mixes, synths, vox and more – are royalty-fee and come as a 24-bit Wave download. They range from 70 to 154bpm. The entire package is 9.9 gb in size once unzipped.

The whole thing will set you back around 38 dollars or 34 euros. It’d be interesting to hear what you folk make  of it.


Written By: ggottfried