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DJ treat: Drunken Masters – Insalata (Stems File)

DJs, we know you’ve been waiting for this: the Drunken Masters just released their cataclysmic club banger Insalata in the new Stems file format. Wanna get your hand on it? Hit the jump!

Stems is a new file format created by Native Instruments. It lets producers export their tracks in such a way that DJs can access up to four different stems of that track individually. They can for example only play the vocals or the synths and even mix them individually and live.

To grab the Stems file of Drunken Masters‘ Insalata head over here. You can muck around with the track a bit, to get a feel for working with Stems files.

This is what Insalata's stems look like

This is what Insalata’s stems look like

The nice thing about Stems files is, that you can still play them as a regular MP4 audio file in any player that supports MP4. If you want to know more about stems, check out the video below. And if you want to see DJ NGHT DRPS in action using Stems, check out the video below the video below.

Insalata originally dropped on Crispy Crust Records on May 1st. If you’re not a DJ, you’ll be perfectly satisfied with the standard version, available here:


For more Drunken Masters we suggest you check out the video for their latest collaboration with Tropkillaz: All Day.

Title shot by: Lennart Ritscher

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Written By: ggottfried