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Crystal Knives – Faze Me (ft. KGTO)

Isn’t it incredible that, despite the plethora of music out there, you’ll find tracks that sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before? In our humble opinion, this Crystal Knives KGTO collaboration by the name of Faze Me falls into that category.

Crystal Knives is Spencer Mutsch from Milwaukee. The man has been putting out bangers galore. Here’s a selection:

Out now!

Out now!

KGTO are producers Gunwa and OGK. It is said that “together they make killer mixes and music that’ll make you feel Super, you know what im Saiyan?” The duo is so diverse, it’s hard to come up with a representative sample song. So we just went with what we felt at the time, which is this remix for Yellow Claw’s and Beenie Man’s Bun It Up.


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Written By: ggottfried