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The crew and their vehicle (Foto: Jesper Palermo)

Crispy Crust Records Tour: Status Update (Gallery)

We’re more than half way through the first edition of the Crispy Crust Records Tour. Today is our one day off and it’s time to recall the past week and look forward to the remaining dates.

People of Stuttgart, Cologne, Osnabrück, Lüneburg, Kiel and Bremen: what you have brought to the table so far has been gigantic. We’re proud to have been allowed to spend so much time with you massively trill party folks.

Check out the gallery below to enjoy a couple of Crispy Crust Records Tour impressions. Pictures by Jesper Palermo:

Three more times will we don our white aprons and chef toques to feed you that super tasty gourmet flavor.

Tuesday, 05/19/15 – Frankfurt, Zoom
Wednesday, 05/20/15 – Berlin, BiNuu
Thursday, 05/21/15 – Pouch, Sputnik Springbreak (Festival)

The Crispy Crust Records Tour is organized by Der Bomber der Herzen, you can grab tickets here.

Arrive hungry!

Written By: ggottfried