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Get acquainted: Wax Wreckaz interview with The Gap

Only a couple of days ago we celebrated the release of the new Wax Wreckaz banger Heavyweight Sound. The four bass lovers from Austria talked to the homies from The Gap about the song, their origins, Crispy Crust Records and much more. Actually, only DJ Busy Fingaz did the talking, but let’s not dwell on trivia here. We’ve selected some highlights from the interview for you after the jump.

Madeon (Foto: [Rukes])

Food for thought: how important is the artist?

It might sound like a mundane question, because most people know that without the artists there would be vast nothingness in the musical space. Still you’ll find major record companies out there completely ignoring this very fundamental fact. The latest case is Sony Music forcing Madeon to take down his music from Soundcloud.

Food for your DJ-Set: Karmaboy – 1987 EP

Since years of djaying and crate digging, Düsseldorf’s very own KARMABOY drops his Debut EP simply entitled „1987“ on Ching Zeng Records. If you at least got a glimpse at one of his Sets, you can already guess the significant influences these 3 Tracks have. Starting with “Nineteen”, an uncompromising up-tempo Banger, inspired by the “hood attitude” of such genres as Jersey- / Baltimore-Clubmusic and Ghetto House in the likes of Dance Mania, but with...

San Holo CoCo Remix for Ot Genasis

This week’s song to lose it to: O.T. Genasis – CoCo (San Holo Remix)

We´re digging the internet for you to hook you up with the hot shit. Unsurprisingly we stumble over a lot of tracks and remixes that would raise the roof in any knock-yourself-out party scenario imaginable. This week’s song to lose your ish to is CoCo by O.T. Genasis in the San Holo Remix. Were in looooooove with the HOLO (O.T. Genasis Voice)    ...

Mix of the month: A-trak on Diplo And Friends

The legendary A-Trak kicks of the year with an exclusive mix for Diplo and Friends on Radio BBC 1 xtra.
He has won multiple DMC Championships, was Kanye West’s DJ and is a proponent of #realdjing.

A-Trak shows off his amazing skillz and tears down genre boundaries like no other DJ. He mixes trap, house, upcoming and unreleased tracks of his label Fools Gold Records and many more together for an hour of incredible music.

Enjoy (Tracklist after the jump):

Darth Vader Streaming (Source: iPod ad by hitokirivader, found at:

Food for thought: Streaming is the future – just not for the average artist

So streaming is the future? Yes, it is. It just isn’t for the average artist. We’re talking about the talented artists out there that have an actual fan base. The ones who have created a demand for their music that needs to be satisfied. It is those artists, who won’t be able to survive solely off streaming. It just won’t happen. It could, but it depends on so many factors coming into play, you might as well wait for a major label exec to just give you a share of his income to compensate you for the shitty deals that have been negotiated on behalf of artists and songwriters in the digital age.