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Back for 2017: Craze & Four Color Zack – 2¢ Pt. 3 (Audio)

We really hope you had a relaxed Christmas time and a smooth transition into the new year. Apologies for the long break, but it was desperately needed. Luckily, we’re back with something special, to appease anyone who might hold a grudge against us for maintaining a three-week silence: Pt. 3 of Craze‘s and For Color Zack‘s 2¢ series.

While we cannot say that we agree with all of the duo’s political views (at least our editor doesn’t), this is a music blog. And we are heavily in agreement about the duo’s musical views. So we also added Parts one and two of the series below. Enjoy.



What’s fascinating about the way Craze and Four Color Zack compile these mixes is the message – yes, message – they include. In times of increasingly meaningless lyrics, this is a refreshing approach, whether you agree with them or not. It’s amazing to see DJs taking on a MC role by creating proper narratives through selected quotes.

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