Crispy Crust Records/Audio /Tun Up Di Club (Supermodel) by ESKEI83 & So Shifty Releasedate: 22.12.2014


ESKEI83 & So Shifty - Tun_Up Di Club (Supermodel) on Crispy Crust Records

Tun Up Di Club (Supermodel) by ESKEI83 & So Shifty Releasedate: 22.12.2014

One thing ESKEI83 and So Shifty have in common is their energetic live shows that will leave artists and audience standing in a pool of sweat amidst the ruins of any given venue. Naturally, any collaboration between these human wrecking balls has to be tried and tested for its live suitability first. Well, Tun Up Di Club (Supermodel) feat. Jamaican singer Charly Black has been deemed fit for demolition and received the DJ’s official seal of quality. It will be released on Crispy Crust Records on Monday, so just stay tuned, will you?

ESKEI83 has proven his ability to tear down any building at will over and over again. His well-balanced and perfectly executed sets have earned him no less than 9 titles as a DJ battle winner, becoming the first German to take home the Red Bull Thre3style Championship in 2014. The man plays 150 shows a year but still found time to co-found Crispy Crust Records, on which this fine club banger is released.

So Shifty boast a sheer endless output of remixes, edits and dubs, of which the remix for The Very Best’s Warm Heart Of Africa in 2012 has once and for all established them as a household name internationally. The German Duo has been endorsed by some of the world’s biggest DJs from Diplo to Kiss FM’s Sinden to Dre Skull. Adding their signature Steelpan sounds to the mix, this collaboration will Tun Up Di Club everywhere between Germany and Jamaica.

Come Monday, December 22nd, you will all be blessed with this fine tune. An untimely Christmas gift, so to speak.

Written By: ggottfried