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Thugli (by: TonyColasurdoPhotography)

Thugli’s current Top 5 (Audio)

What a way to start off the week: Thugli provided us with their current top 5. They even commented on each choice. This is the diligence you need to succeed in life, ladies and gentlement. Hit the jump for awesome music.

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Crystal Knives – Faze Me (ft. KGTO)

Isn’t it incredible that, despite the plethora of music out there, you’ll find tracks that sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before? In our humble opinion, this Crystal Knives KGTO collaboration by the name of Faze Me falls into that category.

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X&G – Seven w/ rayray

X&G teamed up with 2013 Redbull Thre3style Taiwan Champion DJ RayRay for this very special tune dubbed Seven. It’s hard to describe, so just listen to it, will you?

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