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Robs & Duke (Source: Robs & Duke Press Kit)

Buraka Som Sistema – Vuvuzela (Carnaval) (Robs & Duke Remix) (Audio)

Though for some folks November 11th marks the official commencement of the carnival season, the proper celebration does not start until early next year. Still, it is never too soon to look for the upcoming season’s certified carnival anthem, and we think, we’ve found it: Robs & Duke’s remix of Buraka Som Sistema‘s Vuvuzela (Carnaval).

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Haftbefehl – Lass die Affen aus’m Zoo (Drunken Masters Remix) (Audio)

Time for a quick lesson in basic German linguistics. There is a saying called “Lass die Affen aus’m Zoo”. Translated word by word this means: “Allow the apes to leave the zoo”, the proper meaning being: “Go apeshit”. That is exactly what this song, remixed by Crispy Crust‘s very own Drunken Masters, will make you want to do.

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Jack Ü will be teaming up for New Year's Eve at Madison Sqüare Garden(Source:

Jack Ü – Take Ü There feat. Kiesza (Video)

Jack Ü, the supergroup composed of Skrillex and Diplo, just released their first official track. It is called Take Ü There and features lyrics by Kiesza. The song comes with an energetic video, dazzlingly covered in paint, showing the artists in action.

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Dan Gerous (Source:

German collaboration: Dan Gerous – Badda Dan (DJ Katch Remix) (Audio)

Munich’s Monsieur Dengereux, aka Dan Gerous, returns with a remix by Frankfurt’s DJ Katch called Badda Dan. It basically reminds you of the fact that you have a serious problem if everyone’s badda than yo. Guys, hold on to your balls and beards. Ladies, you might want to pin up your hair.

Don’t mess up the drop: Aquadrop feat. Rayna – Bloko Bloko (Audio)

Praise the Producer for inventing the drop. According to Wikipedia that is the “point in a music track where a switch of rhythm or bass line occurs and usually follows a recognizable build section and break”. The drop is and forever will be highly anticipated by electronic music lovers across the globe. If you dare to include one in your track, make sure to turn it into an unforgettable moment. Aquadrop shows you how.

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ETC!ETC! (Source:

This week’s song to lose it to: Celso by ETC!ETC! (Audio)

We’re constantly digging the vast abyss called the internet to find that new new for you. Unsurprisingly we stumble over a lot of pounding, billowing and jolting tracks that would raise the roof in any knock-yourself-out party scenario imaginable. From now on we will be drawing your attention to prime examples of such tracks on a weekly basis.

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Diplo ist taking full advantage of BitTorrent Bundles (Picture:

Diplo is showing artists how to take their destiny into their own hands

It is only a matter of time before artists realize that they do not have to place their faith in others anymore. The revolution is constantly happening in the digital space. Now BitTorrent – once the music industry’s scapegoat, because people were using it for so called illegal filesharing – announced a distribution and payment model, where the artists and publishers keep 90 per cent of sales. None other than Diplo is accompanying this announcement with the release of his debut album “Florida” via BitTorrent Bundles.

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Nick Hook (l.) and Baauer on the look out for exotic sounds (Soucre:)

Forget sample packs: Baauer travels the world to find new sounds (Video) | UPDATE: Sample pack download

If you thought, Baauer spent most his time sitting in front of his laptop browsing through terabytes of samples to find the right sound, think again. Just like a chef who travels the worlds culinary Meccas to find spices and new ingredients for his next signature dish, Baauer visits exotic places to discover the right sounds for his upcoming debut album.

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