Psychic Pressure – Geysa

Crispy Crust Records



Psychic Pressure – Geysa

  • Release date: 2016-06-24
  • Label: Crispy Crust Records
  • Catalog #: CCR013

Sometimes you fall in love with a song on first listen. Psychic Pressure’s Geysa is one of them: a collage of sound waves that is equally colorful as it is powerful. And it drops … on Crispy Crust Records.

You’d probably expect something completely different from an artist called Psychic Pressure. Something a lot more, how to put this, psychotic. You know, experimental, strange maybe even headache inducing.

But Geysa is an absolute zen garden of a track. One of the most viby tunes of 2016. This is opening material for any DJ out there. The perfect song to make a crowd raise their hands to the heavens in appreciation of good music.

You may have come across the producer from Augsburg in the past as one half of Next Order, a collaborative project between Psychic Pressure and Karol Tip. The man plays the guitar, bass and the drums. He grew up a metal fan, but soon realized that he hated genres.

He’s been releasing music on Moshbit Records and Karol Tip’s own imprint YZZY in the past, and has now chosen one of the hottest and freshest and crispiest labels out there. The folks at Crispy Crust Records are absolutely thrilled to be the chosen ones.