TYNVN x Holly – Hollow (feat. Adi Medici)

Crispy Crust Records



TYNVN x Holly – Hollow (feat. Adi Medici)

  • Release date: 2017-01-27
  • Label: Crispy Crust Records
  • Catalog #: CCR017

A new single is about to see the light of day, ladies and gentlemen. And on this one, Tynvn and Holly strike a rather combative note.

Dubbed Hollow, this banger is designed blow your skin off in the club.  Add some catchy lyrics and immaculate flow by Adi Medici, and voila: it’s a hit.

Tynvn and Holly crossed half the earth to collaborate on Hollow, digitally, that is. From Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Lisbon, Portugal, followed by a short hop to Munich, for this baby to be released today on Crispy Crust Records.

Strap in tightly before hitting play. You have been warned.