Crispy Crust Club Trophies Vol. 1

Crispy Crust Records



Crispy Crust Club Trophies Vol. 1

  • Release date: 2017-05-19
  • Label: Crispy Crust Records
  • Catalog #: CCR019

We’re proud of all of our releases, but this one is special. It is the perfect tasting menu for anyone out for a gourmet listening experience but not sure what to order. That’s what we’re here for, after all: to source nothing but the best ingredients on your behalf, and combine them into something special. Something memorable. Something so good, you will be coming back again and again for more. But most importantly: something so fiery hot, it will light up any club and the faces of the people dancing in it.

We think we’ve succeeded. Club Trophies was curated with the modern-day club explorer in mind, to hand them a set of bass essentials that’ll get them through any night. And to give DJs a fine selection of bangers that’ll get their crowds excited, not to mention ecstatic. And the best news is: this is just volume one.

Kicking things off is Psychic Pressure, who teamed up with Yung Bua to deliver this wonder of a track called Vibrant. A harmonic masterpiece. A hymn for the gods.

Fitting in seamlessly is Calories by Drunken Masters and Karol Tip. A no-nonsense banger that’ll get any club connaisseur exited. The name says it all, so get your behind on the floor and burn that nasty winter flab!

Next up: Trágic Johnson’s Bhera (Drop Di Bass), which – besides dropping the bass – lures you into a sonic jungle you wish to get lost in and never find your way out of.

Then theres Sterio, who remixed Kung Fuchy by German super producer Farhot, aka Fuchy. Sterio’s touch elevates the energetic original to club heaven, where it fits in just fine with the rest of the bunch.

Switching things up are Funkanomics, who created a bass-laden fun ride that’ll bring out the best in you – at least as far as your dance moves are concerned. Try to hold your feet still while listening to Switch. We challenge you!

Donkong make a contribution in the form of a ridiculously rich bass inferno by the name of Black Magic. As usual, the duo’s meticulous production style becomes apparent the second those sinister synths hit.

Jimmy Pé confidently calls his contribution Pure Beauty. You’ll know why the moment you hit play. There comes a time during any good club night, when you just want to close your eyes and sway. Well, here’s your anthem.

Climaxing this Club Trophy extavaganza are turntable titan Eskei83 and Mr. Go-hard Snelle Jelle with pure heat. This beauty was designed for the fiercest of fighters entering the battle of their lives. But it is equally suited to prepare you for a life-or-death dance-off on a Saturday night. Step Into The Ring, ladies and gentlemen, don’t be shy.

And for the grand finale, Smalltown DJs supply us with a solid house anthem for those late hours when time and space merge into one and all that remains is a deep bass taking over every fibre of your being. How Could You, is the name of the track. We don’t care, it’s amazing, is our answer.