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Drunken Masters

The Drunken Masters have been shaving clubs, concert halls and festivals all over the world. From Germany over UK, France, Russia, Spain to Singapore just to pick a few highlights.

Recently they showed their softer & more melodic side on their new Single „Louder (feat. Portugal. The Man)“ released on Fools Gold Records which reached the hypem #1 and 1,5 million streams in 4 weeks.

Also in 2016 they released a mix tape dubbed The Hour of Power 3 which features a lot of new unreleased edits, remixes and originals. It somewhat marks the Drunkis’ 10th anniversary. And one thing hasn’t changed in all those years: their love for all kinds of music.

In the past few years they have contributed great collabos with Tropkillaz, Eskei83, DJ Rafik, Willy Joy and official remixes for acts such as Major Lazer, A-Trak, Brillz, Casper, Duck Sauce & TWRK. Their mash-ups, remixes and originals have been celebrated by some of the biggest names in the game, who also integrated Drunken Masters songs into their live sets. Diplo himself conferred the knightly accolade upon them when he played their remix for Mash Up Di Dance on his show on BBC Radio 1. Countless bangers later, there’s still only one direction the duo is headed: straight ahead. This holds true for their music, but also their live shows that are known to create a spark in the eyes of dancing maniacs all around the globe.

At the end of 2014, the Drunken Masters co-founded the independent label Crispy Crust Records, to not only create a platform for their own music, but also for the music of artists they love. This was followed by the very first label tour Germany had ever seen.

If you’re lucky enough to have seen both of them live, you’ll already know that there ain’t no party like a Drunken Masters party, cause a Drunken Masters party don’t.

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